Brain Salad

Now that my free-wheeling spring and summer are over, it’s time to buckle down (in a creative way) and focus on what I wish to work on.  Sure, there is the Scottish tweed yardage…..but what else?  My brain keeps tossing about all kinds of things in one large jumble.  I’m struggling to focus and I’m not certain why.  It’s frustrating.  I need to identify my rabbit hole and begin to delve in….is it natural dyeing?  Painting warps? Eco dye combined with natural dyeing?  Weaving yardage? Surface design in fabric for sewing?  Maybe I need to fiddle about with each of these and find which one calls my name.  Ugh, super frustrated!

2 thoughts on “Brain Salad”

  1. Put a bunch of slips in a hat and pull one out? Make a list and keep prioritizing until you know which one is most exciting/important/first?

  2. Well, the first step in the process is getting all the goals out and on paper, which you have done virtually here. Maybe next is to write down the steps/components needed to get them done, then prioritize by how difficult it is to obtain things, lead time, etc. Looking forward to seeing what your twisty creative brain comes up with. Still loving the kitchen towels at the beach! See ya next weekend!

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