A Day of Color

I started out today at the Delta, my Louet loom.  I dressed the loom in a combination of two very different colored yarns I hand dyed specifically for this purpose.  The design is a dead simple Fibonacci combo of three and uses the also super simple plain weave.  The star of this piece is the dyed warp….the cloth will be woven warp-faced to take advantage.  This piece will act as a test run for color placement.  I’m thinking hard about creating yarns like this to sell….mostly for warp purposes.  

This warp is very bright so I will use a dark gray weft to tone it down.  I left some tiny resist areas in the weft yarn during dyeing.  This gives interesting little blips in the cloth…I like them!

So that was my morning….not quite done with the scarf…..sigh…..and Spinzilla starts tomorrow!

I took an afternoon hike foraging for dye mushrooms.  I found a smallish dyers polypore

And the boletes are coming up!  Both the boletes and the polypore give nice yellow colors.

 I am still searching for the red corts, danged it!
Color, color, everywhere….

3 thoughts on “A Day of Color”

    1. Hi Marcia! Yes, I’ve too many things going on as well…..It’s my hope that blogging will give me a bit of structure and focus that I’m needing right now.

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