Dusting Off The Cobwebs

According to the date entries, I’ve not blogged in over 4 years! Much has changed during that time, I’ve moved twice (!), traveled to some incredible places, and have dyed and woven many pieces.

I’m going to try this blogging again, making no promises to regular updates. Let’s just see what happens!

Currently on the loom: hand dyed cotton for a wild experiment I put together in my head. Stay tuned! I’ve just put the warp bouts on the lease sticks and tied them in the loom.

Currently in the dyepot: nothing, but I may dye some Cheviot roving sometime this next week. Also need to dye small samples of wool yarn using my paltry collection of red corts.

Currently on the needes: Legends of the Shetland Seas. I’m eyeballing a fabulous looking brioche shawl pattern that I will spin for: Beaubourg shawl.

And I’ve changed my domain name for this blog as I’m no longer active in the Pygora world and wished to discontinue “rfpygora”.

2 thoughts on “Dusting Off The Cobwebs”

    1. Can’t wait to knit this one! It will stretch my limited knitting capabilities, but oh those lines, and all that color!!!

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