Color Inspiration: where does it come from?

A healthy patch of mosses growing in my backyard

Everyone has their favorite family of colors. Mine tend to be nature based, the colors I see around me when I walk through the woods, or along a beach. Sometimes these colors remind me of far flung places I’ve been fortunate to visit.

I love, love, love the brackish coppery colors, interspersed with flashes of green that I saw on the west coast of Scotland, and on Skye. Those colors, and the memories of that place pull on my heart and mind frequently. I long to return, to soak it in, take more walks and photos. Oh those glorious colors!

Until I can return, I will satisfy my color inspirations to places around me. I live in an area with higher than average rainfall. Everything is green! Not dissimilar to western Scotland, come to think of it.

Silk shawl I created this winter while dreaming of Scotland

Morning reward

I’ve been getting up early, 4-4:30 AM and it’s been fairly nice weather, so I went for a long walk. Halfway on my route affords a nice view of both Mt. St. Helens and Mount Rainier. St. Helens was hiding, but Rainier was out in all its glory. Too bad I forgot my good camera! It was a peaceful 2 miles, giving my mind time to wander…..and a great start to my day.