Great Scot!

I subscribe to VAV weaving magazine and a couple of issues back they published several articles about Scottish tweeds.  The timing of this issue could not have been better as I was waist-deep in planning a three week journey to the highlands of Scotland with me mum.  As much as I would’ve liked, I could not squeeze Lewis and Harris into our itinerary.  The Isle of Skye, however, was another matter.  This was exciting because of all the tweeds photographed for the VAV articles, I fell in love with the photo of a single tweed swatch.  Actually not only the photo, but I fell in love with the swatch.  I just HAD to get this yardage, or even a wee sample.  This glorious swatch was created by Andrea and Roger of Skye Weavers.  Holy warp, I could visit them!  They weave in a small cottage up in the northwest bit of Skye.

Suddenly I had this Idea bubbling in my head: I’ve a beautiful Cheviot fleece from WA state that I could dye using natural dyes.  I could spin fine singles.  Cheviot is a Scottish breed of sheep!  And I could create my own yardage…not exactly the Skye design because that is theirs…..but I could produce my own, very similar fabric.

I think I’ve finished pounding out the design using a combination of I-weaveit and Fiberworks.  I feel a bit cross eyed now, but I’m fairly certain I’ve a design that I like.  Each weft pick will be a different color, involving 5 colors.  Gulp.  I may fiddle this down to four colors…a bit more manageable.

2 thoughts on “Great Scot!”

  1. Or you could expand to six weft colors – why not? Six isn’t much worse than 2 or 3, once you get the rhythm down and have somewhere handy to place the shuttles not in use. And I like the new look!

    1. I don’t have enough shuttles for six and I like the look I’m getting with four! The new look is sparse….I’m kind of busy right now….only spending X amount of time per day on this…

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